A Message of Hope

SOTU speech 2018

Trump delivered a message of hope, but Democrats couldn’t stand it.

Did you catch any part of Trump’s first State of the Union speech last night?

Wow…wasn’t that an incredible message of hope? I was impressed with the way he singled out the heroes in the audience; with the credit he gave to individuals and to the American people for doing extraordinary things to save lives and/or to make life better for other people around them.

While he did list the accomplishments of his administration to date, Trump’s speech was refreshingly low on “I” statements and high on “you did” and “they did” statements.

Trump delivered a message of hope.

I think Americans really need that hope!

As a Christian, I am always in favor of messages of hope, because hope is a foundational principle of faith in Jesus Christ. Without hope, a people despair…

I was amused by how the cameras kept panning from the people jumping to their feet to applaud Trump, to the people not applauding (and sitting there with really sour looks on their faces).

Oh, my…

I almost wanted to feel sorry for them, but I couldn’t. How could they not applaud all the wonderful things Trump was saying had been accomplished? How could they not applaud the goals he set out for improving our national security and making our country a better, safer, healthier, wealthier place to live?

Do they only want people to live in despair, anguish,¬†and misery? Is that really the only time Democrats are happy? When the people they rule are so depressed that some of them even want to kill themselves? How…disturbing.

I think it’s no secret that I didn’t want Trump for president. I’m not a personal fan of his, but–I really do like where he is taking America. I am a big fan of that.

Make America Great Again? Oh yes, please do that–


A Message of Hope — 1 Comment

  1. This… WOW! I somehow hadn’t seen this message yet. I remember when you were writing it, but I hadn’t read it.

    I’m so loving Pence’s interviews today, Krystine. Have you seen them.

    I absolutely love that our Vice President is Christian and makes absolutely no bones about his dedication to Christ. I love it!

    I know he’s making a difference in this country. And Donald J. Trump has shifted the planet on its axis! I’m loving the power that is being brought back to the people.

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