All Teeth And Claws And Purr

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His name is Avalanche, but that’s such a mouthful. I’m thinking I prefer “Smaller Kitty.”

What is a kitten, but all teeth and claws and purr?

This sweet little fellow toddled into our lives Tuesday last week. Maria fell in love with him–about a month ago?–but I kept saying, no, I wanted another tuxedo tom! Unfortunately, she really fell hard, and–

She talked about how snuggly and cuddly he was, and how he was so sweet!

And then the final clincher:┬áher friend really needed to find homes for her kittens, and we really needed a companion pet for our older kitty, whose sedentary lifestyle is going to progress to health problems if we don’t get her moving more. Time became a factor.

So–I caved.

And he’s cute! Really, really cute!

But although I’d remembered that kittens are energetic, I had forgotten how very high energy they really are! He’s constantly on the go when he isn’t sleeping.

He’s this blur of motion that makes it difficult to take good photos of him! And he likes to bite and chew. So–I’ll wake up in the middle of the night to having my hands attacked and chewed, and I try to stop him, but–he isn’t interested in getting the message, and–That is GOING to have to stop. I’m not interested in being a chew toy for any cat, let alone one this hyper and crazy!

The purr, though, that purr goes non-stop…I love the purr! And he really DOES like to cuddle and snuggle!

Shelah has decided she can tolerate him, even though he steals her food and has appropriated her favorite napping spot by my computer.

It’s been fun to watch him progress (in her opinion) from offensively unwelcome intruder to alarming, but interesting to possible playmate. She’s being gentle with him even when he annoys and offends her, so we’ve hope that they’ll soon become the best of friends.


All Teeth And Claws And Purr — 2 Comments

  1. His dark tail is quite striking. Too bad blogs don’t much have audio capabilities. Does your camera have a “pets and small children” mode? If it does, choose that and it might help.

    • It has so many different options, but so far I haven’t found that one… The ones it offers are: Scene, Auto Mode, Programmed Auto, Shutter Priority Auto, Aperture Priority Auto, Manual, Soft, and Smart Portrait… So, which one correlates closest with that?

      (most of these will activate the flash in low lighting conditions, which makes things even more interesting)

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