Of Cats and Sewing

black and white cats in a basket

When I get out the camera, the sillies ham it up!

Cats and sewing don’t mix very well, but I’ve learned so much through trying to persevere in finishing this project I’m working on (a gingerbread costume) while trying to distract Lil’ Stinker (the white kitten in the photo) from wreaking havoc!

Over the course of this project, he’s spilled ALL my pins (but only once!). He’s attacked and chomped holes in my crackly paper patterns, which were fortunately designed by me out of butcher paper and not that flimsy shreddable stuff store-bought patterns are made of, so a few teeth and claw marks didn’t really matter.

He let me know that he very much likes the color red. He thought he also liked pins because they’re shiny, but he tried to grab one out of the cloth this evening and discovered they’re also sharp and pointy. (Ouch!) He didn’t much like that!

He also likes spools of thread because they’re round and have colorful thread on them, and he HATES the noise the sewing machine makes!

He also made me laugh when he kept trying to “hide” beside the sewing machine because it’s white and he’s white. He was trying to hide because he knows he isn’t allowed on the table!

I think we can safely say he isn’t color-blind and that he recognizes and differentiates colors!

Shelah (my tuxedo kitty) also informed me that she loves the color red, and was totally disgusted when I took the red fabric she appropriated away from her.

You may wonder along with my family why I didn’t just shut the kitten in another room to keep him out of the sewing. It’s a good question, but it’s got a fairly simple answer: this project isn’t a big one, and I’ll be done with it soon. If I upset either of my cats over it, then I get to spend weeks trying to calm them both down. Meanwhile, I won’t be able to get anything else much done!

It’s easier on all of us if the kitten learns to respect the house rules and discovers that there are things he’s allowed and encouraged to do to entertain himself during the hours I have to focus on other things.

I’ve found various ways to keep the cats out of the sewing: opening a window works for a while. So does wearing them out by playing with their favorite toys (I’m not ignoring them quite all the time). Lil’ Stinker’s favorite toy of the moment is this soft squishy red ball with iridescent ‘fur’ sticking out of it. He’s got a yellow one just like it, but will he play with the yellow one? Hah– But he’ll play with the red ball on his own for hours!

I’ve gotten the costume almost done. Tomorrow it needs another fitting, then I can finish off the neckline and add some peppermint felt ‘buttons.’ Then it’s back to the computer and writing to see if I can catch up my word count for NaNoWriMo, even though the month’s already half over.

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