Pep Rally Mentality

Cheerleaders in Formation

I keep watching the news and wondering, How did America wander so far from its roots that we could have two major parties both choose candidates who are such horrible people?

And the next thought that keeps following that one is: it must have something to do with pep rallies and mob mentality!

How do you feel about pep rallies?

When you were dismissed for a pep rally in school, did you get all excited, or was it just a relief to get out of class and do something different for a change?

Did you feel any more “team spirit” after a pep rally than you did before?

Did watching the cheerleaders shake their pompoms and yell cheers make you feel excited too?

Or did watching the guys on the football team run out onto the floor make you want to cheer too?


I’ve never really understood or appreciated pep rallies!

It wasn’t that I didn’t like my school, or that I didn’t want the athletes to do their best, or root for them to win, but–

The whole pep rally mentality completely escaped me. I honestly thought it was a complete joke!

I mean, surely all that fuss and bother didn’t affect anybody the way they pretended it did? What WERE you all screaming and yelling for, anyway, except to show your support for the team?

I’ve lately come to the conclusion that regardless of how I respond to all of that, clearly some people do get some kind of emotional charge out of that!

AND…since I don’t get that or feel that emotional charge created by large groups of people shouting slogans at each other, this may be why I’m completely immune to Trump’s grandstanding about “Make America Great Again,” but why many of my friends apparently are not?

For myself, I keep coming back to: America IS already great. Maybe not as amazing as it used to be in some ways, but–my country is pretty fantastic, and I love it! I’ve made a point of studying what I love so much about America, and why it is so great, and every single time, I come back to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

When someone starts shouting “Make America Great Again!” I expect the next sentence or two to be, “Let’s reaffirm our commitment to the Constitution! Let’s restore and protect our Bill of Rights!” (because they’re what make America the unique success that we are)

And unfortunately, I haven’t heard that coming out of Trump’s mouth. Mostly, what I’ve heard are campaign slogans, words that would fit right in at a pep rally, words designed to get people worked up emotionally, but not encourage them to think through the issues involved in REALLY making America great again. And I’ve heard a lot of other, contradictory ideas…

And that has me concerned.

The last time we heard this much contradiction was from Obama! But if we’re so unhappy and dissatisfied with Obama, why would we then vote for another shifty sly guy just like him, only with orange skin and bad hair? I don’t get that either!

We need our next president to be someone who understands WHAT makes America great and WHY (and how); we need our next president to be someone who is willing to protect and enable the things that make our country great, like our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

And I’m not really seeing that out of Mr. Trump. In fact, he’s said and done some things to make it clear that he isn’t a fan of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights; apparently they get in his way at times, and he resents that, and if he had his way, he’d do away with some of the rights and protections that we, as American citizens, are supposed to enjoy!

I’m not so sure that we haven’t just exchanged “Hope and Change” for “Make America Great Again.” (oh dear! I hope not!)

This is why I’ve decided to support and promote the Constitution Party. You may not have heard of them. You may not even realize you’ve got another, better option than Trump, but what the Constitution Party stands for is–you guessed it–a return to a government limited and defined by the Constitution.

All of those rights from the Bill of Rights? The Constitution Party is for those too. If you haven’t read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I encourage you to do so. And I encourage you to check out the Constitution Party.

I’m also supporting Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party nominee for president. I hope you’ll check him out too, and see what he has to say that you might find worth your time to support as well.

Thank you.

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