Where’s The Spray Bottle When You Really Need It?

DSCN2592 low-resDon’t be fooled by that innocent-looking face! This is a total rascal in the making!

Oh, I’d forgotten what it was like to have a baby in the house… any kind of baby!

The other day when I needed to cook something in the oven, he tried to climb in the hot oven!

Well, I put a stop to that–I put him in another room and shut the door! Safety problem solved, at least temporarily…

But what wasn’t solved was that he needs to learn that heat can be dangerous, and that when I say No, in THAT tone of voice, he needs to accept that No means…NO.

So yesterday, when friends came to visit and I wanted to make tea, next thing I knew, he’d figured out how to take a flying leap from the back of the loveseat to the counter, and was on a mission to get his whiskers singed investigating the top of the stove!

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And… I couldn’t find the spray bottle filled with water!

Oy. But I tried to instill some sort of understanding of “You WILL stay off my counters.” (not that I succeeded)

And it was only much, much later, after the kids wore him out that I was able to convince him that he wasn’t going to get to play on the table, at least not with all of us sitting there. So he settled down and watched us for a while before falling asleep.

So now I’m trying to remember how to safely convey the concept of “too hot” to a kitten…

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