Adventures With Crutches

Reposted from May 17, 2013:
I’m not a very big fan of loud noises, bright lights, or a big crowd. This is a good thing, because I have chemical sensitivities, and tend to have negative medical reactions to the toxic chemical concoctions people wear on their hair and bodies, and wash their clothes with these days…and I should probably not mention cigarette smoke…
But my life is FAR from boring!
Take last night, for instance…
What was supposed to be a quick break between stacks of homework for my daughter (and a break for me from writing and other tasks), for a picnic in the park with a small group of family and friends turned into a trip to the emergency room complete with x-rays and the need to find a pair of crutches!
It could have been worse. I expected the waiting room to be full, but it was empty. I expected we would be sitting there until the wee hours of the morning, but we were in and out by her bedtime (a personal record at that particular ER), although logistics at home still pushed lights out to later than I would have liked.
Life’s just like that when you have kids! It’s impossible to keep them out of trouble. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing; if there is a disaster to be found, they will find it! Parents try to keep their kids safe and healthy (and in one piece), but we also know that too much coddling is unhealthy. Besides, if we don’t let them learn where they’re likely to get into trouble, our kids don’t add to their experience or learn the need for taking care when our backs are turned.
I expect my daughter to eventually grow out of this stage of being so disaster-prone.
Meanwhile, I have said she has to pick her climbing trees a little more carefully from here on out. And yes, fishing would have probably been a much better idea. (but with our luck, we might have still wound up in the ER on account of a fish-hook).
And somewhere, somehow, I am going to write my daughter’s many escapades into one of my books…

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