What Brings You Happiness?

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I’m happy to be alive!

Reposted from June 20, 2013:
A friend, Diane Graham, took objection to a slideshow someone else made of things that make women happy. While I understand her objection; many of the items pictured and discussed were very shallow; I can also understand how simple things can be an uncomplicated source of happiness. And I thought–why not create my own list of things that bring me happiness as a woman?

Waterlilies are a great source of happiness! Waterlily paintings are even more fantastic!
Here’s my list:

  • a big smile on my son’s or daughter’s face
  • Mom’s cooking
  • my sis-in-law’s creative desserts
  • a beautiful flower
  • a lovely butterfly
  • soft fluffy snow
  • a frisky squirrel
  • that mischievous smile on Dad’s face right before he tells a good joke in that quiet voice that gives nothing away;
  • a purring kitty snuggling up to my back when he *thinks* I’m asleep (he’s so funny)
    the way my other kitty always finds my lap and purrs madly when she’s hungry or I’ve just come out of shower
  • the way my brother teases my niece; that “look” on my niece’s face when he teases her
  • the way my nephew always throws his arms around me and gives me a big hug when I see him, and before he heads for home;
  • knowing I’ve created a beautiful work of art–even if no one else notices–however if someone notices, I’m over the moon!
  • writing a chapter of a new novel, getting inspired, and then writing three more
  • being clean
  • having a good/more attractive haircut
  • finding another great nugget of spiritual truth in the Bible that I’d never really seen/understood before, especially when it’s something that encourages me to keep on keeping on–
  • I’m sure there is more that I could list here, such as having two arms and two legs in working order, and no major aches worth mentioning; good health, a great place to live, family to love me, friends I enjoy–

But mostly, I’m just happy to be alive. 🙂 God is the true source of my happiness.
What about you? What are some of the things that make you happy?

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