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Davis Bunn is one of my favorite Christian authors–in fact, he’s one of my favorite authors of all time! This is saying something because usually I have difficulty reading mainstream published Christian authors with any kind of enthusiasm.
I have favorite Indie authors who are Christians and write Christian novels, but–there is something so MEH about so much of what the traditional Christian publishing houses are putting out today.
(confession here) I tend to gravitate toward ABA authors who write clean fiction, especially if they’re writing sci/fi, fantasy, or mystery novels. I prefer action/adventure over literary introspection.
AND… I’m a fairly typical American reader in one big area: start preaching at me in your book, I don’t care if it’s about global warming or the Second Coming, and I am going to cringe and go find something else to read!
So, after reading David Bergland’s post about these books by Thomas Locke (pen name for Davis Bunn), I found these books up at the library today. I was thrilled!
You may wonder why I, as an author, visit the library instead of buying everyone’s books (or offering to review them in exchange for a copy)?
It’s the same problem everyone else is having: very limited income and very limited space!
HOWEVER, when libraries buy authors books–did you know how many thousands of public libraries there are–this creates great exposure for authors, and royalties from library dollars feel just as great in a bank account as any other kind of dollars! And there are THOUSANDS of public libraries, so–if every one of those public libraries buys just one copy of an authors’ book, that translates into thousands of book sales! Sometimes, oh happy day, they buy multiple copies! (oh, I wish it was my book they were doing that with, don’t you?)
So–it’s okay to check out your favorite authors’ books at the library! Besides, you’ll be doing them a favor by helping to keep their books in circulation.

Patricia McKillip: amazing stories, incredible artwork!

Last month, I encountered a librarian taking many of Patricia McKillip’s books off the shelf in the Sci/Fi and Fantasy section. I was horrified.
Patricia McKillip is one of the most original authors of fantasy I’ve encountered over a life-time of reading.
Her stories are incredible, full of rich detail and unforgettable characters. The artist who did most of her book jackets is fantastic! I love the artwork…
No one else writes like Patricia McKillip. She is unique! And–holding one of those covers in my hands makes me smile, because the artwork is so gorgeous. No one makes covers like that any more!
Every one of her books is an amazing experience.
But–since practically no one (except possibly me?) ever checks out and reads her books, they’re disappearing from our local library. How sad.
So here’s my thought for the day: if it isn’t being checked and read, a book has a very good chance of being removed from public library shelves to make way for someone else’s books.
It’s unfortunate, but true, that even libraries are limited on space.

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And if people aren’t reading those books at the library and finding out about their OTHER published works, then they’re even less likely to buy them at the bookstore or anywhere else, which is even sadder.
Hey! Did you know you can recommend your favorite authors’ books for inclusion in your local public libraries? You can! Ask your librarian how to go about it.
I would love it if you recommended mine!

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