How To Schedule Posts in Hootsuite

Scheduling panel

Click Here to open Hootsuite Scheduling Tutorial with Illustrations

A Few Notes:

I have been using Hootsuite for quite some time now. After discovering that many of my friends feel intimidated by Hootsuite, even though they’d like to use it as a scheduling platform to enhance their book sales, I offered to put together a Hootsuite Tutorial.
This tutorial doesn’t try to explain how to do everything in Hootsuite; this is just for the scheduling pane.
The options covered are available as part of the free service as well as the monthly paid service.
There are some great advantages to using the paid service, which offers more options for posting across social media and better calendar access and options, and the option of saving up to one hundred posts in a file and uploading the file to Hootsuite.
However, for the purposes of this tutorial, the free service works well, because it’s less complicated.
This tutorial is a PDF file, which can be accessed, downloaded, and saved by clicking on the image at top.
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If you like this tutorial, and would like me to make more of them, please support my efforts by buying my books. Thanks!

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