For The Love of Books

vertical stack of books low-resDo you ever stop at rest stops on long trips? If not, you’re missing out, especially if you’re a writer or author. There are a number of book-themed rest stops in Iowa! This one was in Johnson County!
I’m such a book nerd, and I love home decor and jewelry AND clothing that features books, so when I saw this finial and realized what it was made to look like, I got all excited!
Fortunately I had my camera along. When my family all hopped out of the car to visit the facilities, I hopped out of the car too…to photograph the really cool book finials, pillars, and brick borders!
Fortunately, my family is pretty patient! (they waited for me)
I’m just a little regretful that these books were used to decorate a rest stop, because they’re so cool, they would be so cool decorating other places… For instance, can you imagine a house with details like this? Only…now that you know where they appeared first, would you really want anyone drawing that connection? LOL I wouldn’t!
Click to enlarge the photos below to read some of the titles:

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