Hatred and Violence Solve Nothing

This open letter is in reaction to this post at HuffPo, where writer Jesse Bern espoused and encouraged anti-Trump protesters to greater rage and violence.

Do to others weeping willow 1Dear Jesse,
I suspect you will be amazed to learn that there are those of us who strongly disagree with Trump who are NOT attending the protests and NOT violently attacking Trump supporters. We strongly disagree with Hillary too, but we aren’t out there attacking her supporters either, or protesting against her…and we most especially aren’t violently protesting or attacking YOU… because we know that violent protest doesn’t solve anything or change anyone’s mind for the better, especially in politics!
All violence does is destroy any chance at all of reaching a thoughtful consensus on who should be elected. And it destroys lives and property, and infrastructure that cities need in order to run efficiently and help those who are less fortunate. When it’s your city this happens to, maybe you’ll see it differently than you do now? I certainly hope so!

I believe in the golden rule: Do to others as you would have them do to you.

At decision-making time, Trump is for law and order, which you clearly aren’t. That’s attractive to many people. If it’s a choice between a totalitarian regime which encourages and enables violence and lawlessness and a regime that enforces law and order and suppresses your violence, well…the adults in the room are going to want to pick law and order EVERY TIME.
It is so very tempting to give Trump our vote in support to prove a point to you. We don’t want YOUR violence destroying OUR cities, OUR neighborhoods, OUR families, and most especially OUR kids!

Violent protest never changes anyone’s mind for the better

While many of us STILL won’t vote for him because we don’t vote based on our feelings, we aren’t going to vote for your preferred candidate either; we’d rather choose someone else: someone who believes in loving their neighbors and doing good to others, even when they don’t always agree on everything; someone who believes in upholding liberty and freedom of (preferably peaceful, non-violent) expression…
I’m personally going to vote for Darrell Castle with the Constitution Party–if Trump doesn’t get thrown out of the GOP convention on his ear and someone better isn’t nominated in his place!
Vote Darrell Castle for President 2016
But–how likely is that going to happen with all your rabble-rousing in the background? With you throwing the sympathy vote Trump’s way?
With your antics you really could seal, not just the nomination, but also the presidential election for Trump by gifting him the sympathy vote!
I couldn’t read the hateful garbage you wrote all the way through. I am appalled and amazed that you thought it would benefit you or those you support!
I encourage you to sit down and discuss with adults who disagree with your belief in violence as a way to solve your problems why they disagree, and double-check your logic, and consider all the ways that promoting violence to solve your problems could possibly come back to bite you.

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