Don’t Give Up On Doing Good By Boycotting Target

Boycott Target 1For those who’re wondering why you should boycott Target specifically, here’s the recap:

Target has chosen to throw their bathrooms open to any gender-flavor of the day, no exceptions, no restrictions. So that big hairy guy with the man bun and the sweaty hands can follow your sweet little five year old girl into the women’s restroom (or the fitting rooms!), no questions asked.

If you, as her mom, take exception to this, then Target’s opinion is that you should tell little Suzy to hold it until she gets home because that man’s rights to use any bathroom he pleases trump little Suzy’s right (or yours) to safety and privacy in the women’s restroom.

If you also find Target’s policy to be offensive, then I encourage you to join the boycott.

As you may be aware, Target is holding firm on their totally warped bathroom policy in the face of a steep 15% stock tumble that isn’t coming back. It’s been only a month though…
We need to hold firm.
Those of us who are boycotting Target should be in this for the long haul. As someone who’s familiar with how the stock market works explained it to me, Target can handle a brief dip in their stock as long as it climbs again after a quarter. (one quarter equals 3 months)
But when they continue to lose market share over two quarters, the board must take notice. After three quarters of continual losses, the investors are likely to revolt!
And really, it would be better if we encouraged our friends and family to participate in the boycott and drop their profits still lower! A 15% profit loss is a serious problem for a company of Target’s size and limited flexibility, but 30 or 40% would help to adjust their attitudes faster and would also encourage the rest of the large businesses that are considering following their lead (or already more quietly following their lead) to reconsider.
It will also help to send a message to corrupt and immoral politicians like Trump and Hillary Clinton that they do not have the public’s blessing for any more warped social engineering! Sending that message is vital this election year.

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