Don’t Get Trapped In Someone Else’s Fantasy

My dear, dear friends,
Have you ever had to deal with someone who is living in an alternate reality?
No, I’m not talking about writing a novel, or enjoying a good book or a movie for a couple of hours, or even role-playing games!
I’m talking about a serious mental condition that divorces that person from reality.
For a person having issues like that, the real life needs of everyone around them don’t really matter!
Don't get trapped in someone else's fantasyAll that matters to them is that everyone else gets on board with their fantasy, and supports and maintains the fantasy, even when it totally contradicts reality, even when they’ve had a brainstorm and–suddenly–they’re one hundred percent for the complete opposite of what they said they believed or stood for, or desired!
Everyone around them is supposed to read their mind, and KNOW, almost before they do, that the fantasy has changed, and absolutely MUST conform to the new reality! (or at the very least, pretend not to care)
Anything and anyone that challenges or fails to support and enable that new reality becomes the enemy, and MUST BE DESTROYED! Somehow.
Their delusion must, at all costs, be maintained!
How do you deal sanely with that? How do you effectively intervene, or even redirect any of that into safer channels?
How do you escape from that?
I could write a book about this. I don’t really want to, but–I could. If I wrote it, inevitably my number one example would be Donald Trump.
What makes you think that electing a president who appears to have a serious issue with reality, who is fantastic at selling his grandiose dreams (and manipulating and compelling those closest to him to support him in selling those dreams)–but not so great at developing and delivering on them–is going to solve any of our country’s problems?
Don’t you think he might create larger, more serious problems?
What makes you believe that a man who is living in his own, carefully constructed alternate reality is going to care about addressing the very real problems you’re facing in the here and now once he’s elected and given all that power to embellish and expand his own fantasy?
What do you think is going to happen when he runs up against the boundaries of that power, and discovers he really does have to deal with other people who don’t share his fantasy, who are completely and utterly opposed to it? What are you going to do when he discovers, as the mentally ill frequently do (just because he’s mentally ill doesn’t mean he’s stupid), that he still has the power and opportunity to use the office of the president to abuse other people?
Haven’t we already seen what happens, how he responds with verbal and emotional abuse and using every tool at his disposal to try to cow those who disagree with him into silence, if not destroy their reputation utterly?
Hasn’t he even tried to use laws intended for support and development of`public infrastructure to try to seize land from people who refused to sell to him?
Do you think that’s going to be a pleasant experience for any of us if he treats people that way when he’s president?
This is why I want the delegates at the GOP convention to be free to vote their conscience!
I want them free to choose–responsibly–someone sane and competent to address our nation’s problems. Someone who is not going to run us all ragged while he runs amok in his alternate reality.

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