How To Fight A Cold or Flu And Win

Under the weatherLast Wednesday night I went to bed feeling pretty good, but I woke up the next morning totally miserable with that peculiar, sore throat-referred pain I get when the source of the irritation is really sinus pressure causing inflammation in my middle/inner ear. Wow, that came on fast!
But I got dressed and took my daughter to school because it was early hours and I wasn’t sick enough yet to stay home. But–by the time she got home from school, she was starting to get sick too. We both knew we were really in for it! What was it going to take to get us better again?
We knew we had to take a few sick days to let the virus run its course, but we weren’t going to let it take any more time than we absolutely had to give it!
The best thing we found to fight back with this time:
Oscillococcinum: This is a homeopathic I’ve never used before, but it came in really handy! I’d take the dose and within minutes the sinus pressure would let up, the post-nasal drainage would cease, and I felt almost like a normal human being! I even managed to sleep through the night cough free! This was incredible.
I can’t remember the last time I had it so good when I caught a virus like this one! However, I didn’t get the feeling that the Oscillococcinum was helping to fight the actual illness as much as treating the symptoms, so–
Other good choices you can use to fight a fall or winter virus:
A good probiotic is invaluable at this time of year for promoting better health and immune system function, and if you can also find one that specifically promotes ear, nose, and throat health, I encourage you to get it and keep it on hand, especially for your kids’ sake. We have one we’ve ordered through Kohl’s Preventive Care in Omaha. We’re down to one box… time to get more? I’d share a link, but I can’t find it online…
L-Lysine: Usually at this time of year, we take L-Lysine as a preventative, but when the virus came on so hard and fast, I realized I hadn’t been taking it. I started taking double doses. Now that I’m doing better, I’ll go to taking one a day.
Garlic oil capsules (tasteless, odorless): garlic is great for fighting or preventing any kind of infection, and also can be very helpful in controlling cholesterol–unless you’re sensitized to it like I am, and it knocks your cholesterol down too far!
Quercetin also helped some for the headaches and muscle pains that the Oscillococcinum didn’t quite cover, but– that was pretty much it except for a few Ricola throat lozenges!
We stayed away from the cold meds: no decongestants or antihistamines, or cough syrups (which usually destroy my throat and make me cough harder). Cough syrups are also corrosive and will quickly damage children’s teeth, but somehow no one warns parents until it’s too late.

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