What I Want For My Daughter

Mind if I take a moment to brag on my daughter?
Isn’t she a lovely young woman? She’s also talented, highly intelligent, a self-starter, a leader, a good student, a hard worker, a loyal friend, and–a wonderful, loving daughter! Best of all, she loves God and seeks to obey His commandments.
All the coverage of the women’s march on D.C. this past weekend got me to thinking about the kind of person I want my daughter to be, and what I want for her future as a woman.
The footage and images of Madonna and Ashley Judd, and the things they said were an inspiration to me as a mother, but not in the way they intended!

I don’t want:

  • My daughter to revel in being a nasty person, like Ashley Judd did! I want my daughter to be kind, sweet, and loving, and to show respect and consideration for the needs and feelings of others.
  • Her to rejoice over wickedness or revel in thoughts of treasonous or terroristic acts, such as Madonna did when she mentioned wanting to blow up the White House!

I do want:

  • My daughter to respect the law and to treat police officers and other government officials with respect and appreciate them for doing their jobs well, especially when their jobs are as dangerous as the jobs policemen do every day.
  • Her to be a godly, thoughtful, considerate, hard-working, and reasonable young woman!
  • My daughter to be strong and confident in her abilities, and to rejoice in and take advantage of the freedoms that living in this amazing country affords us while also embracing the responsibilities that come with that freedom.
  • I want her to remember that freedom isn’t free and that our service men and women are worthy of respect for their hard work and sacrifices on our behalf.

Above all, I want her to remember that just because popular culture believes and embraces certain values, that this doesn’t make them right or good. I want her to remember that God has blessed us with intelligence, and use it to do her research well and thoroughly so that she can’t be manipulated or led astray into wickedness.
And I want her to celebrate, cherish, and protect the lives of those most helpless and innocent among us, particularly the unborn, but also children and the elderly.
A society is known by its choices. I want her to lead the way in choosing life, in making good friends, in setting a godly example for her peers to follow.
This is who I’ve raised her to be, and the foundation I hope she continues to build upon.
And if you’re a parent reading my blog, this what I hope you’re raising your daughters to be as well.

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