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Physical Therapy – To Be Or Not To Be

yellow tulip Lately I’ve been feeling a bit like this frazzled yellow tulip! Pain does that.
I went to see the doctor last week, and we talked about where I was with putting my health back together again. The thyroid situation seems to have stabilized, other mysterious things continue to go wrong, but–I seem to be doing a bit better at handling them.
Now I need exercise and to lose weight.

This tulip kind of looks like it's exercising, doesn't it?

This tulip looks like it’s exercising-doesn’t it?

But even though I’m doing better at keeping my S/I joint “in” (the physical therapist says this is not the right term for it, but won’t give me a better one), I’m having a lot of issues with pain that seem to be related to lack of adequate muscle support for my back.
I can’t exercise effectively without correcting this lack.
We agreed that I should try physical therapy once more.
Today I had my second physical therapy visit. I’ve been doing the exercises (YAY! I can do them now!), and I really want to work with her, but–there’s a hitch. Now we’re waiting on approval for the physical therapy.
purple and white tulipsSo I don’t know when I’ll get to go back. Please pray for me, that I can stick with the physical therapy exercises, and that approval will come through quickly. I can’t tell you how badly that S/I joint hurts some days, but–I can assure that it’s really really awful at times!
And hey, thanks so much for praying! I really appreciate it.
Just like our physical muscles, our writing muscles also need exercise, and sometimes, they need therapy. Writer therapy…
I’m working on some of that now too. You may have noticed that some of these blog posts have come your way before. Lately, I’ve been updating the search engine optimization for my websites, and attempting to make them more visible.
Do you read my blog posts? How well is this working? I’d love some feedback! Thanks in advance.

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