Light your writing on fire…

Have you ever wondered what it would take to write a hit story? If you get a spark going, will it ignite? Light your writing on fire with these cool as a cucumber writing tips, and then YOU can be the coolest writer lit up on the web too!
That’s what they said when they started the writing seminar.
light your writing on fire
And I bought it.
Somewhere in that first five minutes I caught on, and I realized anyone can write a hit, BESTSELLER if they have the right marketing ready to sell their book. It isn’t even about the editing – have you ever read the Twilight series?
If you captivate a market, and pull in buyers from your specific market your book CAN and will take off running like a forest fire out of control. You can light your writing on fire, just by being in the right place in the right time.
I think right now is the right time…
The key is to look around and see what’s going on in the world and then write for the audience that’s going to start reading your book. Reading offers a sort of escapism, for those who turn the pages. When the world goes to hell in a basket, people open the pages and find substantive value between them. They cling to the spark they find in the book.

Light your writing on fire with these:

  • Characters that fulfill the needs of your readers. Who couldn’t use a Superman right now? Or a Batman, determined to win out against the evil thugs of current political adversaries? Your reader may even need to feel like that hero, saving the world!
  • Winnable conflicts and battles that can be overcome. We all need reassurance that life as we knew it won’t disappear in the current political phase of destruction. We need to know this too shall pass and we’ll live happily ever after. Reassure your readers.
  • Solutions to the evils of the world. Spiritual or real, we all need to know there’s a solution and it belongs to us. We can hold onto the solution during trying times. We need to know there’s bad in the world, but good overcomes bad. And we need to know we’ll be better people in the end.
  • Settings that offer respite as well as conflict. Pull in the glimpses of perfection from a rose garden at sunset, along with the raging fires of the forest that might overtake the rose garden. Be sure you save some roses to grow again.
  • Happily ever after only happens in movies and fairy tales. Be real. Wear the edges off your corners, include some transparency and fear from your own world, and the soften the edges with some cushy emotional satisfaction. We just want to know we can survive it all.

Write your story as if you’re going to read it.

Writers, you define the world in your book. Be sure it’s a world we all want to live in, but sell it to the reader who needs it most. Invite them to write reviews and sell your book for you.
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