Republican Members of Congress: You Are Tumnus

Dear Republican Members of Congress, You are Tumnus.

How many of you have seen The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe from The Chronicles of Narnia? Do you remember that part where Lucy steps through the wardrobe between the pine trees and it’s snowing? Further on there’s a lamp-post. Just as she’s about to turn back, here comes the tap-tap-tapping of hooves, and—a very surprised faun, who drops his packages in fright, then accepts Lucy’s help in picking them up and offers her his umbrella…
He’s shy, a little awkward and flighty, very endearing… And of course Lucy agrees to go home and have tea with him even though he’s an absolute stranger, he’s not even human, and she’s never encountered anyone like him before in her life.

You, dear Republicans, are like Tumnus.

You want of course to be the likeable Tumnus Lucy meets in the wood, but… Tumnus has another side.
Tumnus takes out his flute to play for Lucy after he serves her tea. The flute is magical. It casts a spell over Lucy and she is befuddled by it, sees pictures in the fire, and begins to fall asleep.
And then…Tumnus breaks the spell and cries about what a bad faun he is, and how he’s in service to the White Witch, making it always winter and never Christmas. He confesses that he was going to betray her to the White Witch, but he also confesses that he knows this is a terrible thing.
Lucy forgives him and he gets her back to the clearing with the lamp post and she makes her way back through the wardrobe to where her brothers and sisters are.
But the truly horrible thing about Tumnus’s intended betrayal is that he knew.

What did he know?

Tumnus knew that Lucy, her brothers Peter and Edmund, and her sister Susan are the prophesied kings and queens of Narnia, whose arrival begins the end of the White Witch’s reign of terror. Tumnus knew all this when he met Lucy.
Even knowing that, when he met Lucy, he took her home with him fully intending to betray her.
Even though he hated what the White Witch had done to Narnia, and even knowing that the only way to put an end to the White Witch was to support and bring about the rule of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy as kings and queens of Narnia.
It was easier to go along with the White Witch. It was less frightening for Tumnus.
But—in the end his conscience got him, and he repented and did the right thing.
But you, dear Republicans, where is your conscience?

You are like Tumnus.

Yet, you would sell out the American people for another moment of power, another deal with the people who have already run our economy into the ground and are stifling any chance by the American people of putting it right again. You would betray us while trying to pull the wool over our eyes, while trying to pretend that you have our best interests at heart…
Where is YOUR conscience?
Why would you sell us out?
Why do you believe that if we voted for you based on lower taxes, shrinking the deficit, improving the economy, undoing all the horrendous Obama-era red-tape, unfunding Planned Parenting, reining in spending, building the wall, and deporting illegals, that we would possibly be okay with you neglecting and ignoring your commitment to deal with all of that?

You are Tumnus.

Not the lovable, shy, slightly awkward yet very endearing Tumnus.
You are the sly, scheming Tumnus who plots to bewitch and betray while offering tea and scones.
You are the stranger who shouldn’t be trusted.
Still, you are the Tumnus who knows better, but because you’re afraid you’re going to do the wrong thing anyway.
You betray the very people who deserve the very best from you: the people who elected you!
All except for Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Donald Trump.

Mitch McConnell is Edmund. Paul Ryan is also Edmund.

The Edmund who sneaked into Narnia following his sister, not because he believed her story of another land, but to tease her. The Edmund who took Turkish delight from the White Witch, who was willing to sell out his own brother and sisters, to betray them because he wanted so badly to lord it over them and be a prince…when all along what he was supposed to be was a king.
Edmund the stinky sneak, the rotten rascal, the liar, the deceitful, the…betrayer. Edmund the power-hungry, the greedy…
Edmund learned repentance. Here’s hoping Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan can learn it too.
Donald Trump wants to be Father Christmas. But he just royally failed at that. Where is anything that he promised? What are his promises worth?
Forget about a better spring. Just forget that spring was even promised as coming.
Washington, D.C. is the land of always winter, but never Christmas.
#youaretumnus #alwayswinterneverChristmasinDC #cleanuptheswamp

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  1. Jan


    This, Krystine, is incredibly good. Ironically, those who need to read it… Congress, may not unless we can send them links. Then perhaps? I plan to link to them, and hopefully, they will read it. I’m sure most have read the books.

  2. Jan


    This, Krystine, is incredibly good. Ironically, those who need to read it… Congress, may not unless we can send them links. Then perhaps? I plan to link to them, and hopefully, they will read it. I’m sure most have read the books.

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