Is Gun Control The Answer

The Denver Post published an opinion piece this week complaining that little has been done about gun control since the shootings twenty years ago at Columbine High School.

But, is gun control the answer to anything?

I think that we can all agree that the first step to dealing with a problem is to recognize and acknowledge what the problem really is.
Kids used to take guns to school for school-sponsored target shooting events, and they never shot at each other, and there were almost no mass shootings of any kind. Now, guns are the epitome and embodiment of danger and kids aren’t supposed to have access to them, but yet they keep shooting each other.
Hey, Denver Post! How about you do a story on why and how that changed instead of trying to push an anti-guns narrative?

I’ll give you a few examples of what you should include:

1. God was kicked out of schools, and morality and ethics left right behind him

And it has been a never-ending battle ever since over whether or not He should be kicked out of the public square altogether and leave our society completely without a conscience.
But yeah–sure. Guns are the problem! /sarc

2. Public figures told the general public, “if it feels good, do it.”

Now you’re shocked that what feels good to kids is to shoot up schools? Why? If that upsets you, what message do you think kids need to hear instead? And again, what is your rationale and basis for this message, since society apparently doesn’t want God back in schools?
Yet, somehow, guns are THE problem! (not buying it)

3. Public figures decided that government funding and institutions that addressed mental health issues weren’t needed.

They cut the funding and dismantled the institutions. Then they dragged scandals through the press as proof that treating mental health issues was an abuse of the public trust.
So now, mental health issues crop up all over the place, kids with mental health issues are drugged to the gills and “mainstreamed” in schools; kids who are violent can’t be removed from schools before they kill someone (especially if they’re minorities); and whose fault is that, really?
Do you understand that public school teachers are barely permitted to assert any kind of authority or discipline in their classrooms?
Should teachers in inner city schools accept being physically assaulted and threatened by students on a daily basis?
Should other students accept being physically assaulted and threatened too? Why should they have to go to school in daily fear of their lives?
And yet it’s happening. It’s even happening in DENVER.
Why aren’t you talking about this? What is your agenda?
Do you really STILL want to insist that guns are the problem?

4. Whatever happened to protecting the public from dangerous persons? Whatever happened to protecting our kids?

With HIPAA and Patients Rights, and minority initiatives from the Dept of Education in the mix, the student sitting next to your child in a classroom really could be a ticking time bomb that explodes and take your child’s life with him, and there is no real, effective way to defend against that threat except to pull your child out of public education.
And yet you STILL insist that guns are the issue and wring your hands about how polarized the issue has become–when you are contributing to the very source of that polarization because you have an agenda that doesn’t promote the public good.
The problem isn’t guns; the problem, Denver Post, lies with you and the rest of the lying, corrupt, foolish, self-destructive media.

5. Freedom isn’t free–it comes with great responsibility.

Freedom of the press is only as good as the commitment by that same press to faithfully and accurately report the news, and to refrain from chasing political hobby horses and building straw men.
You are destroying the very country you live in, but–can you see how foolish that is? Will you see it before it’s too late?
I hope so. We’ve got to live in this country with you. And boy, is that a sorry proposition when you can’t stop lying to yourselves long enough to be honest with the rest of the nation about any matter of importance so that it can be properly addressed.

My conclusion: guns are not the problem. A dishonest press is the problem.

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