Taking a break

Sometimes, when life gives you lemons, the only possible answer becomes “taking a break.”

In case you’re wondering where I’ve wandered off to and why there are no new installments for my Steampunk serial, Perilous Artifacts: I’m taking a break.

This break has been necessitated by issues in moving and setting up one of my other websites, ArtandDesign. (If you sign up for that blog too, you’ll get to see lots of my artwork). Unfortunately, we ran into technical difficulties and the one-and-done nifty website loader refused to upload the blog posts, so I’m having to manually add them one at a time. This requires uploading each piece of artwork and rebuilding all of the links. Given that every single one of these posts has at least one piece of artwork, and many of them have 3 or more, I am really wrestling with this process.

But–I’m making progress. I had 65 blog posts to move when I started out, and I’ve moved about 20-30 so far. I won’t be moving all of them, so I hope to be finished by the end of next week. Once I’m done, I can get back to writing my story. (Yay!)

Well, you know what I’d rather be doing, right?

While you’re waiting, please feel free to catch up on old installments here.

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