A Week to Keep Up With Friends

It’s Friday, and I’ve made it almost through one week of the new organizational chart helping me keep up with my friends on MeWe. And–I thought I’d share how it’s going.

Somewhere in the middle of the week (it might have been Wednesday), things got a little off-kilter. After a sleepless night followed by a nappish day–I didn’t make it through that day’s assortment, so that put me behind yesterday, which put me even more behind today. But now, I’ve caught up.

I’ve learned a lot about my friends this week. I’ve discovered that more of them are active than I thought there were and very few are not active at all. Some of my friends appear to take long breaks between posts on MeWe. Others seem to be on all the time. And still others became discouraged at the thought of having to learn yet another platform, and never really got going. And that’s okay. Now that I know, I may be able to find them somewhere else.

This color coding will help me sort my contacts so I know whose pages to visit more often, who to check in on a little less often to see if they’ve returned, and who I should probably look for elsewhere online because MeWe just isn’t doing it for them.

I think it’s working out quite well.

Along the way, I found a cute photo of a deer saying hi to some cats through a screen door (so adorable). I also found a funny spider prank video and so many other worthwhile things that my friends wanted to share. These hidden treasure are what make online interaction so much richer. I look forward to finding more of these treasures in the weeks and months to come.

I’m so glad that I organized my contacts so that I could keep up with my friends on MeWe. I’ve also decided that it’s okay if I can’t make through a day’s worth of contacts some days. I’ll do as many as I can. Some days, I’ll have to connect less and some days I’ll be able to connect more and maybe even work ahead. It will all work out.

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