My favorite cover design project

My favorite cover design project so far. Click through to preorder.

Click through to preorder Cooked: The Chef Blows Her Lid.

I want to share with you about my favorite cover design project so far. Cooked: The Chef Blows Her Lid by Cari Schaeffer is Coming Soon–and I can’t wait!

Why is it my favorite cover design project?

Because…I had a blast drawing this artwork for Cari and designing her book cover. I like having clients who know what they want and aren’t afraid to explain where the artwork can improve to meet their expectations.

Cari is a great client! She knew exactly what she wanted and was very clear in her instructions. Like all great covers, this cover design underwent much change before she was satisfied.

I gave her two options for chef’s hats, and she liked this one the best. We also experimented with the order and number of items (and type), and their placement and orientation. Getting the chef’s eye just right took more than one try. Just the right amount of wide-eyed alarm, the spacing and placement of her eyebrow–these are tiny but very important details.

And then there was the steam. Cari had a specific vision in mind for that steam and it had to be just so.

The end result is an awesome cover design that I’m proud of and I know that she is too!

Cari, I would be very happy to design for you again.

A little more about Cooked (from the book blurb):

At twenty-nine, Olivia is a strong, capable chef on an upward career trajectory when a cheating husband, a shattered friendship, a nagging mother, and nepotism at work conspire to bring her to her knees…and almost living in her car. It’s time to pivot. What’s a girl to do when everything falls apart? Why, open your own business and jump in face first and with eyes firmly shut, of course. Thank God for friends! At least, for friends that don’t steal husbands, that is.

Olivia enters the oh-so-glamorous business world of sleeplessness, drunken guests, gossipy clients, freebie seekers, and networking groups. Enjoy the buffet of crazy characters Olivia must balance on her plate as she steams ahead. Will she end up putting curtains in her car to dress it up, or can she make a go of it before she blows her lid?

Cooked is a funny clean Chick Lit romance. It’s available on preorder from Amazon through September 30th. To reserve your copy, click the link!

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If you’d like to hire my services as a cover artist, here’s more information.

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    I love it, too. You did a great job, Krystine. I’m grateful for your time and talent. XO


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