Ace the Digital SAT

If you have teens who are headed to college, and are wondering what it takes to ace the new digital SAT, I have the perfect book for you! (It’ll help your teens ace the ACT too)

I’ve recently wrapped up another amazing book project with a very satisfied client–and I want to tell you all about it.

10 Steps for Acing the Digital SAT and ACT

The Ultimate Guide for Students and Parents

Ace the Digital SAT and ACT

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Daniel Fischer’s credentials (from his author bio): Daniel Fischer is the founder of F.A.S.T. Track Tutoring, LLC, a company focused on SAT and ACT test prep. Drawing on over 20 years of experience, he tailors his approach to each student’s unique learning style. He is also the creator of the YouTube channel Plan Your Work – Work Your Plan, which helps students maximize their SAT and ACT scores. A graduate of Cornell University, Daniel wrote and hosted the on-demand cable program Mastering the SAT. Previously, he served as a tutor trainer and curriculum writer at Kaplan, Inc. He enjoys cooking, hiking, and crying over the New York Mets.

When the digital SAT arrived this year, Daniel wanted to be sure that his students–and you–would be ready to deal with the new challenges that it presents. So, he wrote 10 Steps for Acing the Digital SAT and ACT as a helpful resource that can be used with his in-person tutoring or to supplement his Youtube video series.

Confession time: this book really challenged me as a book formatter

One of the challenges involved finding everything that needed to be italicized after putting the final manuscript through the cleaning process. This included individual components of equations, of which there were many. Math and I don’t get along so well, so… that made it even more challenging. But–we persisted, and I think we finally caught them all.

The other challenge (and it was my “brilliant” idea, too) involved integrating 30 Youtube video links into the print and ebook versions of this book. Active links in ebooks are no big deal. I create them all the time–but this time, I converted them all to short links to keep the formatting nice and neat. For print, we went with QR codes.

You really CAN Ace the Digital SAT (and ACT)

I reviewed a significant portion of the material while formatting the book. I was impressed by the quality of the information included as well as the clarity of the explanations given. Daniel takes the surprise and confusion out of college prep tests. He also teaches valuable problem-solving skills that making taking the SAT and ACT so much less stressful. These skills can also be successfully applied to taking other tests as well. I kept thinking, “Oh, I wish we’d known … when my kids were studying for these tests. They would have really appreciated this material.”

Other parents agree with me. Anything that successfully destresses the test-taking is worth its weight in gold.

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