Stay Calm and Dance On

I have a very important message to share with you about Stay Calm and Dance On:

There are books that you read and instantly forget everything that you ever read in them. This is NOT one of those books!

Stay Calm and Dance On

A book that you will never forget.

Stay Calm and Dance On: click through to purchase one totally unforgettable book.

Click through to purchase.

At least, I’ve found it to be so. I formatted this book back in 2022. (I had to check because it seems like it happened just yesterday) I felt a chuckle welling up inside just thinking about the book as I got ready to write this post.

“Why?” You might ask…

Oh, because… there are the hilarious chapter headings. I saw them first as I was formatting. They made me laugh–and then I snuck a peak at the story–and I was hooked. My formatting job totally derailed!I had to go back to the beginning and read through to the end before I could finish the job.

Then, there are the Sassy Sistahs. They’re the stuff of hilarious AI insanity.

My final verdict on the book: This is a crazy interstellar romp beyond your wildest imagination. It drags in a dance troop, and kids’ toys, and–space travel–and you’ll never believe where the characters fall through the door into the most unexpected adventure of their lives.

And even after you put down the book, LOOOOONG after, you’ll still get a crazy grin on your face every time you think of it.

Keep it for posterity. This Sci-Fi book is a classic.

Formatter’s Notes: Sharon, you really upped the ante with this book. That made it hard to focus! Other than that, this book was a blast to format. Thank you! I look forward to reading the next installment.

Disclaimer: I did not create that cover, but I love it. It’s awesome.

Special mention: This book was published by 40 Day Publishing. If you, too, have a very special book that needs extra TLC to get it across the finish line, contact Dan Mawhinney at 40 Day. He’ll be happy to assist you. (our whole team will)

Final Note: The Amazon links used in this post are Associate links. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes, when someone clicks through and purchases using my links, Amazon sends me a little money.

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