2019 New Year

New Years Resolution 2019

My New Years resolution for 2019 is fairly simple: I don’t want the unachievable. I want to look back at the end of 2019 and realize that I not only achieved my goals, I exceeded them. That said, I do have an expanded list of resolutions (see below).
And I wanted to start with a look back at the old year… How did I do?
Looking back, 2018 was another hard year that started out with more wandering about lost in the middle of health issues beating me up and not being able to make much headway financially. This is not going to be a negative, whiny post–I promise!–but I had to say that.
There were huge emotional whammies that had to be faced and dealt with, but I did it and–survived! And I kept going.

My first New Years resolution for 2019 is to keep surviving, to keep getting back up again no matter how many times I get knocked down… and keep going.