From the Legends of Astarkand fantasy series comes three books:

A Shadow On The Land, King’s Ride, and Eiathan’s Heir.

A Shadow on the Land:

Wary of the mysterious tenders of lake and stream, terrified of the immortal prince Vodan’s plagues and storms, and alienated from the Dreamsender by their efforts to appease Vodan, Kandians seek a deliverer.

A 500 year-old prophecy brought Bjorn Horsa north over steep mountain passes to confront Vodan.

Before he can be anyone’s deliverer, he must first take up the mantle of Eiathan’s Heir, and ascend the throne of Astarkand. Just one little problem: Olaf is king. Has he ever got it in for one Bjorn Horsa…

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King’s Ride:

King Olaf has departed, but Bjorn can’t be crowned king until he has been acknowledged in Hearthing as Eiathan’s Heir. In Neith, the small celebration his companions want to throw for him soon mushrooms out of control!

While Bjorn is enjoying the moment, Lofheld and Madame Emmaline race south toward Hearthing, intent on making Weinolf king in his father’s place.
Mischief abounds in Astarkand as Eiathan’s ancient enemy, Vodan spies on Bjorn and seeks to make trouble for him.

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Eiathan’s Heir:

Rebellion, dragon flames, and frustration!

In Hearthing, Bjorn Horsa has declared himself as Eiathan’s Heir and has taken control of the court as Astarkand’s new king, but fresh mayhem raises its ugly head in the nearby duchy of Firewind.

The Duchess of Firewind has fled to court, risking the king’s wrath to appeal for rescue for her city and her stepson Lythis, who has been captured by a rebellious barber backed by one of Woden’s priests. Time is running out.

Stalked by a shape-changing sorceress, will he be in time to rescue the Duchess of Firewind’s stepson Lythis, or will the barber sacrifice him on Woden’s Day?

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