Here are three maps of Bjorn’s world: Altesse, the Kingdom of Astarkand, and Bjorn’s trip to Goldwater.
To see a larger view of each map, click on the image:

Note: Altesse is much larger than the section shown here–but if I was try to fit the entire thing onto one map, the details would be too small to see. The part shown is where humans have been permitted to take up residence and create their own countries.

Map of Altesse - All rights reserved

Map of Altesse

The Kingdom of Astarkand is north of the Republic of Taesleica. The tiny volcano shown off-shore at the top right of the Altesse map corresponds to the volcano shown offshore on the Astarkand map.

Map of Astarkand - All rights reserved

Kingdom of Astarkand

This is an enlarged view of the northern end of the Salt Desert:

All rights reserved

Map of Bjorn’s Trip to Goldwater

More about these maps of Bjorn’s world

When I first started writing my books, I needed a way to keep track of where my characters were, where they were going, and what was there. So–I created some maps of their world. The maps you see above are NOT the maps that I originally created although they are based pretty closely on those maps. My first maps were drawn using Paint and saved as bitmaps. This became a problem as computer technology improved and my first computer aged. I needed to transfer my maps to successively new computers, but–they were huge. And the technology kept changing. Those first maps didn’t fit well on floppy disks at all. I had to flatten the files and make them so much smaller than I wanted them to be. And then floppy disks became obsolete.

In the meantime, I was trying to decide whether I liked them better in black and white (in grayscale) or in color. They needed to be in grayscale in my books, but I also wanted quality color versions for here on my website. I recently decided that the old maps needed to be completely redrawn, so now I have both.

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