Are you looking for a professional quality custom cover design that is also affordable? If so, you’ve come to the right place…

NEW! My most recent custom cover design. Carol came to me as a disappointed customer of another cover designer. She was trying to make do, but her previous cover art wasn’t working for her. I found this waterfall and this horse, made a few edits, and — she fell in love. Click through to purchase on Amazon.

A custom cover design says that you care…

You care about presenting an attractive product. Your cover art is carefully layered and formatted for maximum impact; your text is perfectly laid out. Fonts, colors, design placement, and even your author picture and ISBN number are all chosen and arranged with thought and care.

You also care about connecting with your reader. Done well, a custom cover should intrigue your reader and invite them to open your book and read it. The right cover design paired with the right book can become a treasured classic to be saved and reread and cherished.

Custom cover design may be affordable, but it is never cheap.

I care too! I care about giving you a quality cover design and layout that helps your book look its very best. After designing book covers for almost ten years, I also understand the need to keep cover designs affordable while creating a polished design.

I specialize in clean and Christian/inspirational fiction and non-fiction cover design.*
Give me the chance to help you take your book cover from functional to amazing! Contact me and ask for one of these great design packages:

One cover, no-frills introductory deal: $150

No-frills custom cover design can still be amazing! This design features just the photo of a girl walking on the beach and text with the right amount of shadows and glow. Click through to purchase this book on Amazon.**

This cost covers:

  • 1-2 stock photos–or use of your own artwork (must be of sufficient quality for use in publishing).
  • Use of custom shapes, textures, and fonts from my library as needed
  • a full print layout design (front and back cover with text) sized to the proper template for publication on KDP
  • 1 front cover layout for ebook for publication on KDP and Smashwords
  • 1 low-res front cover thumbnail for use in promotional materials on social media and websites

This deal is good for fiction or non-fiction book covers.
*This is a steal! This design package is worth at least $300. I reserve the right to raise the price if a customer misunderstands the meaning of “no-frills”.
Contact me with a brief description of your book (title, genre, short blurb and the time-frame for when you need your cover completed). If I agree to take your cover design project, I’ll send you a payment link.

Repeat customer one cover no-frills deal–$250 (still worth $300, but $50 off)

If you like the first cover I create for you and it sells your books, then–I hope you’ll consider paying me closer to what my skills and expertise are really worth for more cover designs. But–I also know that new authors can feel intimidated by the prices for cover design. You need a quality cover design to sell your books and I need more customers. Let’s do a deal!

Contact me with a brief description of your book (title, genre, short blurb and the time-frame for when you need your cover completed). If I agree to design your custom cover, I’ll send you a payment link.

Custom build cover designs with specialized requirements

This is also a custom cover design. Each of the design elements in the artwork were custom drawn and arranged to Cari's exacting specifications. Click through to purchase on Amazon.

Also a custom cover design. Each of the design elements in the artwork were custom drawn and arranged to Cari’s exacting specifications. Click through to purchase on Amazon.

Specialized requirements include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Creating one-of-a-kind artwork (sketch, painting, digital design),
  • Repair, editing, and enlargement of vintage photos
  • Creating specialized layers of textures to build images and fonts that appear 3-D

For specialized cover design needs, please contact me with your specifications and ask for a quote.

*I reserve the right to turn down projects that I am too busy for or that don’t mesh well with my creative vision (or that offend my faith).
**NOTIFICATION: Amazon links used on this page are Amazon Affiliate links. If you purchase via one of my Associate links, I may
possibly receive a referral fee.

More of my cover designs:

Jordan’s illustrator was out of the picture by the time I designed his cover. I knew what he needed, so I edited the artwork to fit. Children’s picture book

Custom cover design

Custom cover design Elaine had a vision. I found the right jet, and using filters, layered it into that flaming sky. Political thriller

Privately Published. Ray wanted a specialized font. We couldn’t find it, so I created it for him. Fictional trout letters, angler humor

Shawna painted this artwork–and we agreed that it was perfect.  Autobiography

John knew exactly what he wanted. The tracks into the sunset say it all. Autobiography

Bette wanted scattered daisies–and was thrilled with her cover art. Poetry

My own book covers feature some of my most challenging designs. I’m especially thrilled with how this cover turned out. Christian fantasy

This cover really gave me fits until I darkened the background to match the intensity of the lighting falling on the young man in the foreground. Christian Fantasy.

Sometimes the artwork that an author wants isn’t available and can’t be replicated. Richard wanted a photo of a specific late 1800’s Midwestern town. We scoured the internet and didn’t find it, but–I found his main character. A sepia filter made the text pop. Christian fiction

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