Publishing assistance can be invaluable when negotiating a website like KDP, Smashwords, or IngramSpark. While you might be able to figure it out on your own given enough time; my assistance will streamline the process of setting up an account* and listing your book, and prevent much frustration.

*I have a policy that I do not handle your financial information, but I can walk you through where to go to add it to each of these websites, and answer any questions you might have.

Publishing Assistance options:

  1. I can walk you through the publishing process while you do it yourself, or
  2. I set up your book listing, and add your book to your account, and publish it for you.

Info to keep in mind:

These packages are only for clients who are ready to publish a fully edited and formatted manuscript, who also have their book covers, book blurbs, author bios, keywords, and categories chosen.

    • If you need help with formatting or cover design, please contact me regarding these needs after your book has been edited but before you request publishing assistance.
    • If you need editing assistance, I can direct you to a qualified editor.
    • If you need help with your book blurb, author bio, keywords, and categories, I can assist with this before or during the setup process–and I will invoice you an additional $50 for this service.

For pricing info and further details, please contact me.

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