Multi-published author

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Interior formatting and Design

The interior of your book should be as personable, unique, and appealing in design as the story you’ve written.

Cover Finale

Creating the cover design, helping you with publishable final documents, or building a profile for your publication, I help you find your top-shelf presentation.

My Books

My personal creative publications for your library!

Some of my publications are designer covers, or color books, and others are Christian Fiction books that share creative adventures. It’s exciting to see and hear about the books others have published, or to share my own. I love reading reviews from readers and knowing that my work inspired their days.

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She provides creative solutions!

While some graphic artists may seek the simple answers, Krystine goes for the one that best performs for her customers. She’ll find the solution you need at a price you can afford. Let her help with your graphic needs!

Photo Selection

Krystine has a vast selection of photos to be used with your projects, already in her photo library. Your idea can be implimented within a few minutes required to “find the right photo” and apply your ideas.

Word & Meme Design

Krysti’s skill with photo editing and wordsmithing could save the day for your meme & graphic needs… She’ll find the right fonts, redesign them for your blog, and send you the right layout for your graphics needs.

pale pink tulip

Flower Power

This one is unique to Krystine and her midwest location. She’s figured out she can take great photos of flowers and photoshop them into artwork – and it’s amazing. Got an idea? She’s got the photo! Just ask…

Book Design & Development

The skill required to design the interior and cover of a book can be overwhelming to some, but Krystine thrives on design. And she’ll design a stellar book cover for you!

One of her favorite things to do is find the “perfect photo” for the cover, and add an exciting font to make your book title shine! The next step is adding a complimentary font for name and any cover details. And then working on the back of the cover…

Are you ready to hand off the project yet?

She’s waiting for your next publication!

Editing a printed page

Product Design & Development

Krystine loves design! What about you? Do you have an idea you’d like to have developed, designed, added to a t-shirt, jacket, a bag, or a book? Krystine Kercher offers personalized design services and development for people like you who have an idea and need help pulling that idea into a product for sale on a different venue. Contact Krystine for more information about product development and design.