Creative, talented and verbose, a combination of skills that bring success and determination to the forefront of an author’s life. Krystine Kercher loves graphic arts, writing and creative arts. She’s most satisfied when the colors come to life, characters glow in vibrant determination and the story brings joy. True joy.
Krysti’s love of character shines in her recent trilogy of the Legends of Astarkand.
Book covers 3DInsert some vivacious joy into your life with proper grammar, old fashioned details and a story you can’t put down. You’ll be mesmerized by the words, enchanted by the magic and captivated by the characters of Astarkand, a delightful story of life brought to the realm of spiritual satisfaction and contentment, challenged by the spirits of darkness.
Blazing trails to new inlets, telling stories and designing graphics that will help you find your way in a lost and battered world, Krysti holds the key to success, and willingly shares it.

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