Waiting on God’s Provision

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The cloak pin Bjorn’s sister, Melora gave him.

Re-posted from May 9, 2013:
My current word count has broken 77,000 words.
When I was in great difficulty several years ago, it seemed that God didn’t hear my prayers. Yet all the time, He was listening and providing, and when I reached that darkest hour where I had nowhere left to turn, He was there for me.
So, tonight, when I was working on fleshing out some important scenes in Eiathan’s Heir, God’s Provision came to mind. I think you will enjoy discovering how God provides in the story. For instance, tonight there was a dust storm, trees dancing and breaking, and…was that honking?
Here’s an excerpt from the scene:

Didn’t I tell you I would provide? the still small voice asked him.

“You did,” he answered aloud. He caught Lady Maeve giving him an odd look, and grinned. “I said God had provided, didn’t I, and that he would provide even more?”

Her look grew even odder. “How did you know?” she asked. “How could you have been so certain?”

Bjorn shrugged and considered the recent series of unexpected events. “As my prayers to Him have increased in number, so too has my confidence in Him increased. And–it would appear that He is now talking to me.”

“I heard no voice,” she said, eyes widening under her dusty veil.

“Neither did I–with my ears,” he said. “It would seem that God would rather speak directly to my heart.” He pondered that a moment, and then shrugged. “Perhaps because ears are so inclined to hear what they wish to, and not what He would impart?”

Last night’s major scene revolved around a diabolical black squirrel and a very ugly-tempered big boar assisted by a sounder of wild pigs. Who do you think will win out in that confrontation?

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