Building a Castle

Have you ever thought about how much work goes into building a castle? I’m not talking about sand castles, although some of those are quite labor-intensive too. I’m talking about a real, Medieval-style castle with stone towers and turrets, curtain walls, chapel, and even a proper gatehouse. The title of this video is a bit

Light your writing on fire…

Have you ever wondered what it would take to write a hit story? If you get a spark going, will it ignite? Light your writing on fire with these cool as a cucumber writing tips, and then YOU can be the coolest writer lit up on the web too! That’s what they said when they

Is your character an introvert or extrovert?

When developing a character for a new book, it helps to think about the people we know and real facets of their characters that make them interesting or challenging to deal with. Their strengths and weaknesses, how they relate to other people, who they really are down deep inside as opposed to their public faces.

Our World’s Climate Is Not Under Our Control

The mainstream media has been going nuts this week because the new head of the EPA doesn’t believe that free carbon has any effect on climate change! There are a lot of different factors that come into play to create the climate we enjoy on our world. Volcanism and plate tectonics have a very powerful

Tour of Hearthing Castle

Reposted from June 8, 2013: You’re invited to take a Tour of the Grounds of Hearthing Castle! Click on either the picture at top, and the link should take you to view the video presentation. A little more information about Hearthing Castle: It isn’t your typical castle. This castle only exists on paper. Aside from

Creatures of Astarkand: The Fleuder

Reposted from May 21, 2013: I was rummaging through my hard-drive looking for old, random files to delete when I came across this photo my friend, Heidi Kortman, was fortunate enough to take a while back of a fleuder. If you have read my books, then you are already aware of the odd little creatures named

Waiting on God’s Provision

Re-posted from May 9, 2013: My current word count has broken 77,000 words. When I was in great difficulty several years ago, it seemed that God didn’t hear my prayers. Yet all the time, He was listening and providing, and when I reached that darkest hour where I had nowhere left to turn, He was

Staying Accountable

Reposted from May 5, 2013: Excerpted from my (then) current WIP (Eiathan’s Heir): “I beg your pardon, your Highness,” the castle steward puffed, coming up at a run as Bjorn exited the alley between a long, low shed and the physician’s quarters. “If someone had informed me you was going to inspect the grounds, I’d have