CO2 concentrations graph

Carbon Dioxide: Curse or Blessing?

Is carbon dioxide a curse or a blessing? Let’s examine the facts: More information to take into account: Nitrogen creates the highest concentration of gas in our atmosphere, and this is terrific because plants love it and need it for fertilizer to promote healthy growth. Comprising almost 80% of the air we breathe, nitrogen is

Building a Castle

Have you ever thought about how much work goes into building a castle? I’m not talking about sand castles, although some of those are quite labor-intensive too. I’m talking about a real, Medieval-style castle with stone towers and turrets, curtain walls, chapel, and even a proper gatehouse. The title of this video is a bit

A Week to Keep Up With Friends

It’s Friday, and I’ve made it almost through one week of the new organizational chart helping me keep up with my friends on MeWe. And–I thought I’d share how it’s going. Somewhere in the middle of the week (it might have been Wednesday), things got a little off-kilter. After a sleepless night followed by a

Cover Design Challenges

Sometimes, the biggest cover design challenges are presented by the stock art, especially on the front cover, but not this time. The biggest challenge with the back cover layout for any book involves ensuring that text will be legible and clear over the background image. This turned out to be especially true for R. Marshall Wright’s newest book, Laura, Don’t Run!
R. Marshall Wright–Dick to his friends and family–has written another exceptional story. Here’s the blurb from the book:

Remembering Columbine

Is Gun Control The Answer

The Denver Post published an opinion piece this week complaining that little has been done about gun control since the shootings twenty years ago at Columbine High School.

But, is gun control the answer to anything?

I think that we can all agree that the first step to dealing with a problem is to recognize and acknowledge what the problem really is.
Kids used to take guns to school for school-sponsored target shooting events, and they never shot at each other, and there were almost no mass shootings of any kind. Now, guns are the epitome and embodiment of danger and kids aren’t supposed to have access to them, but yet they keep shooting each other.
Hey, Denver Post! How about you do a story on why and how that changed instead of trying to push an anti-guns narrative?

2019 New Year

New Years Resolution 2019

My New Years resolution for 2019 is fairly simple: I don’t want the unachievable. I want to look back at the end of 2019 and realize that I not only achieved my goals, I exceeded them. That said, I do have an expanded list of resolutions (see below).
And I wanted to start with a look back at the old year… How did I do?
Looking back, 2018 was another hard year that started out with more wandering about lost in the middle of health issues beating me up and not being able to make much headway financially. This is not going to be a negative, whiny post–I promise!–but I had to say that.
There were huge emotional whammies that had to be faced and dealt with, but I did it and–survived! And I kept going.

My first New Years resolution for 2019 is to keep surviving, to keep getting back up again no matter how many times I get knocked down… and keep going.

There’s No Place Like Home

I agree with Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz: there’s no place like home! I don’t hate traveling, precisely–but traveling and I just don’t get along as well anymore. That said, I still travel when I have to. Colorado used to be home for us, so it creates this magnetic pull on us that keeps

Republican Members of Congress: You Are Tumnus

Dear Republican Members of Congress, You are Tumnus.

How many of you have seen The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe from The Chronicles of Narnia? Do you remember that part where Lucy steps through the wardrobe between the pine trees and it’s snowing? Further on there’s a lamp-post. Just as she’s about to turn back, here comes the tap-tap-tapping of hooves, and—a very surprised faun, who drops his packages in fright, then accepts Lucy’s help in picking them up and offers her his umbrella…
He’s shy, a little awkward and flighty, very endearing… And of course Lucy agrees to go home and have tea with him even though he’s an absolute stranger, he’s not even human, and she’s never encountered anyone like him before in her life.

You, dear Republicans, are like Tumnus.

You want of course to be the likeable Tumnus Lucy meets in the wood, but… Tumnus has another side.

A Message of Hope

Did you catch any part of Trump’s first State of the Union speech last night? Wow…wasn’t that an incredible message of hope? I was impressed with the way he singled out the heroes in the audience; with the credit he gave to individuals and to the American people for doing extraordinary things to save lives