When you’re publishing a book, one of the most important things to do is to spread the word about it. To do this effectively, you need custom promotional materials. Depending on the book, these items may vary.

Banner for book signings

A custom promotional banner on poster paper or canvas for book signings identifies you to your readers.

custom bookmark example

Custom bookmarks make a great promotional item at very little cost. Bookmarks can be single or double-sided.

Which promotional materials are the most helpful?

  • A banner that hangs off a table or on the wall behind the table at book signings.
  • Custom bookmarks that share info about your book and where to buy it. These can be handed out at book signings and with purchases of the book. These bookmarks also give your readers a way to share information about your book with other potential readers.
  • Business cards with your author info can be handed out to agents and editors as well as to interested readers.
  • Tshirts with book-related artwork and memorable quips or funny sayings are great for you and your helpers to wear to your book signings, and to give away to friends and family willing to help you promote your work.
  • Note cards featuring artwork and messages related to your book–with information about your book on the back.
  • Pens or pencils with your book’s info are also a great promo item.

keychain sample

Optional promotional materials that may not work for every book, but might work for yours:

  • Mugs with book-related artwork and text can also be a great promotional item for book giveaways.
  • A journal with a coordinating book cover works well in a gift basket associated with a devotional giveaway
  • Aprons to go in gift baskets associated with cookbook giveaways
  • Bottle top openers for a gritty detective novel or mystery
  • Jelly bean favors for Chic Lit
  • Custom votive candles for a romance novel
  • Keychains
  • Buttons
  • Water bottles
  • With over 300 products available, if there’s something else you’d be interested in using to promote your book, I can design it and set up a link for you.

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