Editing can make or break your book. If your readers are constantly stumbling over mistakes when reading your work, they will feel cheated. Why did they spend the money and take the time to read your book when they could have read (and enjoyed) someone else’s that was better edited?

There’s an excellent chance that their resulting irritation will be reflected in your book reviews (or lack thereof)–and cause a drop in sales.

This is why it pays to have your book professionally edited.

I currently offer three types of edits:

  • Consistency and accuracy of information,
  • Flow and smoothness,
  • Final edits – which includes spelling, grammar, and syntax.

At this time, I do not offer developmental edits.

If you’re interested in hiring my services for editing, please contact me for a bid. In your message, I will need:

  1. What your experience level is with writing (i.e., are you a first time writer or have you published other books)?
  2. Have you worked with other editors and do you understand the editing process?
  3. Your book’s genre, book blurb, and current word count.
  4. What your editing needs are, and what are your expectations?

If I agree to edit your book, the cost will depend on:

  • the type of editing your book requires,
  • your book’s word count,
  • how many times I will need to run through it (and how much back and forth with you on corrections) to ensure accuracy.

You can lower the cost by:

  • participating in a critique group with other writers who know their craft and are willing to exchange critiques with you.
  • using Word’s Spelling and Grammar check.
  • working with another editor for developmental edits.

When I edit, I take care to preserve your writer’s voice while polishing your writing to help your book shine.

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