Don’t Give Up On Doing Good By Boycotting Target

Boycott Target 1For those who’re wondering why you should boycott Target specifically, here’s the recap:

Target has chosen to throw their bathrooms open to any gender-flavor of the day, no exceptions, no restrictions. So that big hairy guy with the man bun and the sweaty hands can follow your sweet little five year old girl into the women’s restroom (or the fitting rooms!), no questions asked.

If you, as her mom, take exception to this, then Target’s opinion is that you should tell little Suzy to hold it until she gets home because that man’s rights to use any bathroom he pleases trump little Suzy’s right (or yours) to safety and privacy in the women’s restroom.

If you also find Target’s policy to be offensive, then I encourage you to join the boycott.

As you may be aware, Target is holding firm on their totally warped bathroom policy in the face of a steep 15% stock tumble that isn’t coming back. It’s been only a month though…

We need to hold firm.

Those of us who are boycotting Target should be in this for the long haul. As someone who’s familiar with how the stock market works explained it to me, Target can handle a brief dip in their stock as long as it climbs again after a quarter. (one quarter equals 3 months)

But when they continue to lose market share over two quarters, the board must take notice. After three quarters of continual losses, the investors are likely to revolt!

And really, it would be better if we encouraged our friends and family to participate in the boycott and drop their profits still lower! A 15% profit loss is a serious problem for a company of Target’s size and limited flexibility, but 30 or 40% would help to adjust their attitudes faster and would also encourage the rest of the large businesses that are considering following their lead (or already more quietly following their lead) to reconsider.

It will also help to send a message to corrupt and immoral politicians like Trump and Hillary Clinton that they do not have the public’s blessing for any more warped social engineering! Sending that message is vital this election year.


Hatred and Violence Solve Nothing

This open letter is in reaction to this post at HuffPo, where writer Jesse Bern espoused and encouraged anti-Trump protesters to greater rage and violence.

Do to others weeping willow 1Dear Jesse,

I suspect you will be amazed to learn that there are those of us who strongly disagree with Trump who are NOT attending the protests and NOT violently attacking Trump supporters. We strongly disagree with Hillary too, but we aren’t out there attacking her supporters either, or protesting against her…and we most especially aren’t violently protesting or attacking YOU… because we know that violent protest doesn’t solve anything or change anyone’s mind for the better, especially in politics!

All violence does is destroy any chance at all of reaching a thoughtful consensus on who should be elected. And it destroys lives and property, and infrastructure that cities need in order to run efficiently and help those who are less fortunate. When it’s your city this happens to, maybe you’ll see it differently than you do now? I certainly hope so!

I believe in the golden rule: Do to others as you would have them do to you.

At decision-making time, Trump is for law and order, which you clearly aren’t. That’s attractive to many people. If it’s a choice between a totalitarian regime which encourages and enables violence and lawlessness and a regime that enforces law and order and suppresses your violence, well…the adults in the room are going to want to pick law and order EVERY TIME.

It is so very tempting to give Trump our vote in support to prove a point to you. We don’t want YOUR violence destroying OUR cities, OUR neighborhoods, OUR families, and most especially OUR kids!

Violent protest never changes anyone’s mind for the better

While many of us STILL won’t vote for him because we don’t vote based on our feelings, we aren’t going to vote for your preferred candidate either; we’d rather choose someone else: someone who believes in loving their neighbors and doing good to others, even when they don’t always agree on everything; someone who believes in upholding liberty and freedom of (preferably peaceful, non-violent) expression…

I’m personally going to vote for Darrell Castle with the Constitution Party–if Trump doesn’t get thrown out of the GOP convention on his ear and someone better isn’t nominated in his place!

Vote Darrell Castle for President 2016

But–how likely is that going to happen with all your rabble-rousing in the background? With you throwing the sympathy vote Trump’s way?

With your antics you really could seal, not just the nomination, but also the presidential election for Trump by gifting him the sympathy vote!

I couldn’t read the hateful garbage you wrote all the way through. I am appalled and amazed that you thought it would benefit you or those you support!

I encourage you to sit down and discuss with adults who disagree with your belief in violence as a way to solve your problems why they disagree, and double-check your logic, and consider all the ways that promoting violence to solve your problems could possibly come back to bite you.

Where’s The Spray Bottle When You Really Need It?

DSCN2592 low-resDon’t be fooled by that innocent-looking face! This is a total rascal in the making!

Oh, I’d forgotten what it was like to have a baby in the house… any kind of baby!

The other day when I needed to cook something in the oven, he tried to climb in the hot oven!

Well, I put a stop to that–I put him in another room and shut the door! Safety problem solved, at least temporarily…

But what wasn’t solved was that he needs to learn that heat can be dangerous, and that when I say No, in THAT tone of voice, he needs to accept that No means…NO.

So yesterday, when friends came to visit and I wanted to make tea, next thing I knew, he’d figured out how to take a flying leap from the back of the loveseat to the counter, and was on a mission to get his whiskers singed investigating the top of the stove!

Have you seen the great decor & accessories
at Contrary Market?

And… I couldn’t find the spray bottle filled with water!

Oy. But I tried to instill some sort of understanding of “You WILL stay off my counters.” (not that I succeeded)

And it was only much, much later, after the kids wore him out that I was able to convince him that he wasn’t going to get to play on the table, at least not with all of us sitting there. So he settled down and watched us for a while before falling asleep.

So now I’m trying to remember how to safely convey the concept of “too hot” to a kitten…

All Teeth And Claws And Purr

DSCN2579 low-res

His name is Avalanche, but that’s such a mouthful. I’m thinking I prefer “Smaller Kitty.”

What is a kitten, but all teeth and claws and purr?

This sweet little fellow toddled into our lives Tuesday last week. Maria fell in love with him–about a month ago?–but I kept saying, no, I wanted another tuxedo tom! Unfortunately, she really fell hard, and–

She talked about how snuggly and cuddly he was, and how he was so sweet!

And then the final clincher: her friend really needed to find homes for her kittens, and we really needed a companion pet for our older kitty, whose sedentary lifestyle is going to progress to health problems if we don’t get her moving more. Time became a factor.

So–I caved.

And he’s cute! Really, really cute!

But although I’d remembered that kittens are energetic, I had forgotten how very high energy they really are! He’s constantly on the go when he isn’t sleeping.

He’s this blur of motion that makes it difficult to take good photos of him! And he likes to bite and chew. So–I’ll wake up in the middle of the night to having my hands attacked and chewed, and I try to stop him, but–he isn’t interested in getting the message, and–That is GOING to have to stop. I’m not interested in being a chew toy for any cat, let alone one this hyper and crazy!

The purr, though, that purr goes non-stop…I love the purr! And he really DOES like to cuddle and snuggle!

Shelah has decided she can tolerate him, even though he steals her food and has appropriated her favorite napping spot by my computer.

It’s been fun to watch him progress (in her opinion) from offensively unwelcome intruder to alarming, but interesting to possible playmate. She’s being gentle with him even when he annoys and offends her, so we’ve hope that they’ll soon become the best of friends.

For The Love of Books

vertical stack of books low-resDo you ever stop at rest stops on long trips? If not, you’re missing out, especially if you’re a writer or author. There are a number of book-themed rest stops in Iowa! This one was in Johnson County!

I’m such a book nerd, and I love home decor and jewelry AND clothing that features books, so when I saw this finial and realized what it was made to look like, I got all excited!

Fortunately I had my camera along. When my family all hopped out of the car to visit the facilities, I hopped out of the car too…to photograph the really cool book finials, pillars, and brick borders!

Fortunately, my family is pretty patient! (they waited for me)

I’m just a little regretful that these books were used to decorate a rest stop, because they’re so cool, they would be so cool decorating other places… For instance, can you imagine a house with details like this? Only…now that you know where they appeared first, would you really want anyone drawing that connection? LOL I wouldn’t!

Click to enlarge the photos below to read some of the titles: