I had a lot of fun writing Exile: Galthain’s Bones. I hope you have at least as much fun reading it.

Galthain's Bones cover

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Welcome, brave readers! You’ve come to the right place for tales of adventure, derring-do, and mayhem; old manuscripts, mummies and princes, bright visions, glorious battles, sibling rivalry, conniving thains…did I mention the fanged deer? Oh good! I did!
Unfortunately…there are no fanged deer in Galthain’s Bones, the first book in the Exile series, but there are snakes! Far too many snakes, in fact, plus a few odd bandits and a slaver or two… Desperate battles, mad dashes across the desert, rescuing maidens in distress, an abandoned library, the odd squawking chicken–if you like that sort of thing–then THIS book is for you!
Horsethain's Compound

the Horsethain’s compound


Unlike my other books, the events in Exile: Galthain’s Bones occur during Bjorn’s childhood.

My favorite character in this book? Ser Anafi! Bless his sneaky, greedy, conflicted and treacherous old hide… He makes this story so worth telling! Hah…I hope you like him too.
Stay tuned…sooner or later in this series, those crazy fanged deer are sure to turn up! Maybe even in the next volume? We can both hope…

Herri's House blueprint low-res

Bjorn’s childhood home

I suppose I ought to also say a word or two about The Wager, a (relatively) short story that I included in this volume because it fit chronologically. I used The Wager to develop the relationships between Bjorn and his brothers, and to show what happens when Sir Kyle leaves him at loose ends (Answer: Bjorn finds TROUBLE!).
I look forward to hearing your reactions to his antics!
I’ve included some diagrams on this page. Click on a diagram to obtain a larger view!

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