My favorite cover design project

I want to share with you about my favorite cover design project so far. Cooked: The Chef Blows Her Lid by Cari Schaeffer is Coming Soon–and I can’t wait! Why is it my favorite cover design project? Because…I had a blast drawing this artwork for Cari and designing her book cover. I like having clients who

CO2 concentrations graph

Carbon Dioxide: Curse or Blessing?

Is carbon dioxide a curse or a blessing? Let’s examine the facts: More information to take into account: Nitrogen creates the highest concentration of gas in our atmosphere, and this is terrific because plants love it and need it for fertilizer to promote healthy growth. Comprising almost 80% of the air we breathe, nitrogen is

Building a Castle

Have you ever thought about how much work goes into building a castle? I’m not talking about sand castles, although some of those are quite labor-intensive too. I’m talking about a real, Medieval-style castle with stone towers and turrets, curtain walls, chapel, and even a proper gatehouse. The title of this video is a bit

Humor Assists Suspension of Disbelief

Humor assists the suspension of disbelief. Humor plays an especially large role in assisting the suspension of disbelief when reading or watching works of fiction. You write just about anything in a book or put it up on screen and your audience will accept it if you invite them to laugh at it. Sadly, some

Get the most out of MeWe

Today, I want to share with you how to get the most out of MeWe. When learning how to navigate and interact with a new social media site, it helps to have some idea of where everything is, and what works and what doesn’t. MeWe is a great site–but it isn’t Facebook. The layout is

A Week to Keep Up With Friends

It’s Friday, and I’ve made it almost through one week of the new organizational chart helping me keep up with my friends on MeWe. And–I thought I’d share how it’s going. Somewhere in the middle of the week (it might have been Wednesday), things got a little off-kilter. After a sleepless night followed by a

Organizing Social Media Contacts

Organizing my social media contacts for MeWe is something that I’ve really wanted to do for a while. I tried on Facebook a time or two and gave up. I collected friends and contacts like they were going out of style–and then really didn’t know how to connect with or even keep up with all

Illustrating Psalm 23

Illustrating Psalm 23 is easy–and at the same time–challenging… Do you have a favorite Psalm? I have several. Psalm 23 is one of my all-time favorites, although the more that I read and study the Psalms, the more that I find to love and appreciate. Every part of Psalm 23 is so beautiful. Illustrating Psalm

Perilous Artifacts: a steampunk serial by Krystine Kercher

Perilous Artifacts: New Arrivals

Perilous Artifacts: New Arrivals Lady Carew led the way to the elevator, followed by Pieter–after he captured Olive’s hand and tucked it securely into the crook of his elbow. Olive shook her head at him. “Afraid I’ll disappear at this late hour?” Pieter laughed. “Your hat, sir,” a waiting crewman handed over the stiffly proper